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The Lone Man

Never before had Human Beings so many opportunities to comunicate each other and never before was so evident the problem of the so called “crowd loneliness”.

Life in the cities never before had offered so many chances of a greater and tighter contact between people and nevertheless, as said by statistics or by the braves that dare to confess it, never before people feel more isolated victim of a loneliness that doesn’t takes into account age or social condition.

This kind of destructive and pernicious imposed loneliness undermine the society’s pillars and little by little we became strangers one of each other.

What made us change? Why do we feel fear to show ourselves and to know the rest of our partners in this challenge we call life? I have many answers but they go beyond this simple introduction to a group of photographs in which you may conjecture some of them.

Nevertheless I think that there is another kind of loneliness, a beneficious and productive one, which facilitate or induce creative actions and behaviours and more important, to discover our inner self: that is the seeked loneliness.

Urged by economical pressures and social compromises, overruned by an increasing visual and sonorous pollution, we are losing those places where loneliness can be tasted just like a precious food.

The other’s seeked loneliness must be respected. The loneliness imposed by fate must be subdued. But it is not easy to detect that difference: we are complex beings and sometimes in those vague states of loneliness we don’t know if it is opportune to touch the shoulder of somebody who looks alone. Loneliness is not always physical distance: most of the time is a psychic distance, difficult to be measured, to be observed or avoided because the same society that induce individual allienation separating human beings from each other and from themselves manages to hide those cases in which margination ends in tragedy.

It is not my intention to proclaim what we all know. Showing this photographs doesn’t redeem me from situations in which I wasn’t able to see a help call neither exempt me from my faults as a member of a flock that turn down its sight to the portion of land they lie on.

Seeked loneliness is a intimate space. Nobody is invited to cross over its limits: many times even the most beloved can be an intruder. We then open a door and we let them to came in. But it is no longer loneliness. And so without knowing it we become intruders each other.

This shared loneliness we call it “company”.

Intead, imposed loneliness has each day more and more people in its desert field because each day we close more and more doors. Who stays in or out it doesn’t matter because both of us become solitaires.

This partitioned loneliness we call it “intimacy”.

Each one of us knows when we are alone and what kind of loneliness is going on. If you can see through this photographs and haiku under what circumstances they were made you will know a little more about me. Solitaire’s word.

And now I open one of my doors and invite you to go through it.

For what is the meaning of not sharing with you that brief moment of loneliness when a camera is shuttered and a pencil records an experience and everything, everything, seems to be merged?


Black and white Silver Gelatine handmade prints, unique pieces

Artist’ book:

There are times when, together with the photographic work, I write a book with the content of the series. These books are handmade editions with different kinds of bindings and materials.

The “physical” book of The Lone Man features paperback covers and traditional japanse hand-sewed binding.

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