Project Description

Ex Libris RFI

A photographic project with books from my personal library.

Stone, clay, wood, papyrus, paper… From its beginnings, the writing was made on materials that favored a complete aesthetic experience from the visual, the tactile, and sometimes even the olfactory; but some technological advances produce changes that do not always imply progress for the development of our faculties. This happens when its consequence is a limitation of the senses. Whenever something prevents the fullness of sensory potentialities, there is a dumbing down of abilities.

Such is the case with the practice of reading. The book, as an object provider and bearer of experiences that should be integral, gave way to virtual environments, where the reader became a spectator of a screen.

There are those who predict the end of the book as we know it today. Others, like me, believe in its validity, its rise, and even in a certain re-enchantment for the printed book.

This photographic series is based on the affective bond with books of my library, and on objects that dialogue with them. The printed photographs reinforce my appreciation for paper, a fundamental element for the development of several generations.

Perhaps paper will be considered expendable by the publishing industry in the years to come, and this re-enchantment will give way to the disenchantment that comes with a cold reading of screens. Then, these images will take on a nostalgic sense, evoking Fairs, reading rituals and solo moments with a book in our hands. In the meantime, let us enjoy the sensitive and sensory experience of being, at least for a few more years, privileged readers.


Digital Photograhpy