Project Description

Melting Point
* Work in progress, ongoing series

The news talks about global warming. Once again.

You relate it with floods, tsunamis and hurricanes, all them happening in fast destructive events. But at a slower, unperceptively path, ice turns into water making the sea level a bit higher each day. Each minute.

At this very moment a glacier is disappearing.

Maybe you notice it, maybe not.

Perhaps the Arctic Sea and its glaciers are far from you now.

You can’t hear the sound of ice turning into water. Can you?

Perhaps for you Melting Point is a physicochemical measurement.

From now on don’t think of Melting Point, Arctic Sea or Antarctic ice as something beyond your comprehension or beyond your potential to change things for better.

Think of Melting Point as a geographical place.

Think of Melting Point as a presence.

Melting Point has arrived to stay.

Where will you be then?


Silver gelatin, chemical process.

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