Project Description

The Other One

Some time ago, after an introspective experience arosen from Zen meditation practice, I intended to make a photographic essay to symbolically express that state of conciousness.

This series is based on a combination of images and words, adopting the simplicity and spontaneity of haiku. It is about the source of the creative process and the kind of lucidity that seems to be a natural consequence of meditation.

That what was born from a unnintentioned search manifested itself with no conflicts nor frustrating anxieties. It is not easy to reach that “susteined attention”, without the pressure and worries of getting immediate results. But The Other One has his own times and these not always agree with our creative avidity.

Then The Other One expresses himself freely.

The Other One is not some other facet of my personality, nor a product of mi desires: it is what beats in each one of us and what our absurd rhythm of life many times manage to veil.

Nevertheless The Other One talks to us.

Photographic processes and materials are some of the many channels through which this “Other One” keeps in touch with those ones who want to hear him.

But before this we must hush our inner voices, we must recover Silence.

If we let it stand with us more frecuently may be one day The Other One will fill the place that belongs to Him and will take the control of our actions.

We will be – I know it – in good hands.


Black and white Silver Gelatine handmade prints, unique pieces

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