For this sailor his mission is not only to navigate, but also to create the nets that make possible the sustenance during navigation, building meshes of different plots. The multiple threads that intersect make up a grid that shows the result of the fishing, but not what was not retained: fish-ideas that return to the sea from where they came.

Each thread implies a continuity linked with another progression of events, which in turn leads to another crossroads. Sometimes, it is simply cut or frayed. Those who saw my works can untie some knots or create others, to discover in that plot some spaces that I did not notice.

Instruments, materials, technique: their equivalent is the two threads and the knot that links them. That’s how I build my nets to fish for ideas. What fishes will be left in my net? Which ideas will be retained and which will disappear, having escaped the reticulate?

The luck in this type of fishing lies not only in the design of the mesh, but also in the area where the net is launched. It is necessary to study the currents, both superficial and deep ones, to pay attention to the tidal cycle and to intuit not only the opportune moment to throw it into the waters, but also the moment to pick it up.

In my networks, threads of different natures and categories intersect: there is the thread of metaphor, the thread of the abstract, that of the textual, that of the transcendent, that of humor and that of experimentation, among others. The knots, more lax or more tense, allow the crossing where the intention converges. Between them the water flows. For now, the sea responds to me with its fruits.

About “Cartographies of an in-land sailor”

This ship has been sailing for more than three decades and today, (April 2020), it’s the first time that this solitaire and absentminded sailor decided to make records, some retrospective and some recent ones.

Chaotic, absurd tales from here, there, nowhere… And also brief descriptions of his imaginary sailings.

Just think of the logbook written by the captain of the Flying Dutchman: ghostly notes, vanishing details, words and pictures to be read and seen by wandering spirits, or perhaps by… you?

Welcome aboard!

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