Rituals of a sailor

Sometimes there is a kind of spirit of Thanatos wandering around the board, wanting to take me to his domains, and I ignore the internal voices that advise me not to fall into temptations, to preserve health to undertake new journeys, in short, not to depend on anything. But the journey is long…

Coffee, tobacco, and sometimes some alcohol, add to prolonged physical inactivity, and although forming an unhealthy behavior, those customs (not recommended) are carried out as rites: coffee three times a day, two to four pipe smokes, a couple of glasses of beer in summer, rum or cognac in winter, and unscheduled naps are my routine.

Meanwhile, ideas flow through their own channel and claim to be addressed as soon as they emerge: the drafting of the conceptual framework of a new project, the photographic tests of some previously sketched images, or the experimentation of a new darkroom chemical technique. When the wind blows over my ship, I must take advantage of it. The rites mentioned help me to get in tune with the times, although I know that there are other more beneficial paths: I was recommended to just leave the ship daily for a few hours in some harbor and simply to walk…

About “Cartographies of an in-land sailor”

This ship has been sailing for more than three decades and today, (April 2020), it’s the first time that this solitaire and absentminded sailor decided to make records, some retrospective and some recent ones.

Chaotic, absurd tales from here, there, nowhere… And also brief descriptions of his imaginary sailings.

Just think of the logbook written by the captain of the Flying Dutchman: ghostly notes, vanishing details, words and pictures to be read and seen by wandering spirits, or perhaps by… you?

Welcome aboard!

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