Meetings of Roger Ferib with Photography – 1

“From what I did, most of it was lost. There are records of recent years: manuscripts, maps and sketches of my pilgrimage, and some ideas that arose when I came into contact with a recently invented technique: photography. Over time I discovered very interesting instruments, novel materials, and then I began to experiment with various chemicals.

I am not totally satisfied with the results, but by the time I lived, I was able to at least overcome some obstacles. As long as I have strength, I plan to continue. If you agree to continue reading, you will know about my mistakes, which were and will remain profuse and, paradoxically, fruitful.”

About “From the notebooks of Roger Ferib”

On how these notebooks came to me.

A good friend of mine, the owner of one of the most emblematic bookstores in Montevideo, and who knew about my love for Photography, gifted me a collection of personal diaries and manuscripts with some pages in Spanish and other ones in English, that contained drawings, old photographs, sketches, poems, short paragraphs, signs that seemed to be part of languages I don’t know, dates, history data and maps of places I can’t recognize, among other documents and narrations.

The name of Roger Ferib is in the first page of each notebook, some of them made of wads of yellowish sheets, and some hand-sewn.

May be, the same as me, he was the heir of old documents, tales and images of anonymous ancestors. Having a not better idea, I present these records under the title “From the notebooks of Roger Ferib”.

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