Something personal

Time in photography

Time in photography

Time in photography is not so much in shooting or crafting, but in the very small shock that some images arouse, or in the extended fascination of wanting to contemplate them over and over again even knowing that there is nothing new there, that nothing changed. Photography is static, but it promotes a hidden dynamism, an impulse for us to change as we observe it. Unknowingly, we asked ourselves, “What will it tell me this time?”

The point is to understand that we are not the same ones we had previously contemplated that photograph.

About “Something personal”

Something Personal is a collection of brief reminiscences and opinions I tried to put them sequenced.

I failed. I lost the chronological order of experiences and ideas. Nevertheless, I decided to write them down just as exercises to keep my mind healthy.

Besides memoirs and remembrances, I’ll include descriptions of new projects, so I hope this blog would be a helpful tool to motivate me to finish what I’d started.

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